The 112 test

So today, I found out about the the 112 test. Can you judge a book by its 112th page?

You tell me – below is page 112 from ‘Echo Hall’. Does it past the test? If it does, why not pledge to support it  here and spread the word!

“Maybe…a little…she’s not my cup of tea. It’s his funeral, I suppose.” They entered the bedroom where, to her surprise, he pulled a knapsack from under the bed.
“What are you doing?”
“Shh. Come with me.”
“What about Will?”
“It’s all taken care of. Old Mrs Davies is looking after him. This way.”
He took her through the green baize doors in the old servants’ quarters, past the cloth-wrapped paintings. The corridor ended with a bedroom on the left, a twin to Leah’s room on the West side of the house. To the right, a staircase ran up to the attic rooms, and down to the back of the house.
“The servants’ staircase. We can escape unseen.” Jack grinned.
“Why the secrecy?”
“My parents wouldn’t approve of us leaving Will in the middle of the night. There’s something I want to show you.”
They crept out of the back door and up the sloping lawn. The moonlight carved out tree-shadows. After weeks without rain, the grass was dry, crunching under their feet. Jack took her hand. “Come on.” They ran up to the fir trees at the top of the garden, arriving at the gate, breathless.
“We’re not going walking at this time of night? It’s pitch black.”
“I came prepared.” Jack flourished a torch.
“My Boy Scout.”
“I’ve been running around these woods all my life. I won’t lose you.”.


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