Plug of the month (7) -Yusuf Toropov, Jihadi: A Love Story

Earlier this year Amanda Saint, who I’ve mentioned before in this series, ran a competition on her blog. I entered in an idle moment, and won myself a copy of ‘Jihadi: A Love Story'(published by Orenda Books).  I haven’t stopped raving about it since.

Jihadi is presented as the memoir of an ex-CIA agent incarcerated in an American prison ‘the brown motel’ on charges of terrorism. His narrative of events is interspersed with commentary from the psychiatrist who interrogates him, and as the novel progresses, we are forced to question the reliability of both.

The novel switches between events in America and in Iraq, and is peopled with characters on both sides, many of whom are morally ambivalent, but all have motivations we can understand and sympathise with. It is a thriller that asks big questions about the world we live in and reminds me very much of Graham Greene and John Le Carre.

I’ve written a more in depth review here, but suffice to say I absolutely LOVE this novel and hope lots of people will go out and buy it.

Also, I’d like to give a big shout out to Orenda Books which is  a terrific indie press set up by Karen Sullivan eighteen months  and has had remarkable success in that short time.Karen is an amazing publisher  who works extremely hard and  is bringing some great new writers onto our bookshelves.  If you like intelligent crime writing and thrillers go and check out their website. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.


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