Plug of the month (5) – Jackie Buxton ‘Glass Houses’ and ‘Tea and Chemo’

So here’s the thing. I have yet to read either of these books. BUT…I love the sound of them both and having been a Facebook friend with Jackie since we were both shortlisted for a Retreats West competition in 2015, am keen to support her work. Also both are published by Urbane which is an up and coming indie press (who also published Amanda Saint, my third plug of the month, who also hosts Retreat West which may seem a bit incestuous but really isn’t…) and I love indie presses. So please do check these ones out!


Glass Houses

Glass Houses sounds fascinating and is immensely topical. When Tori Williams sends a text while driving, she allegedly causes a crash killing three people. As a result, she is publicly condemned, but is she really at fault, and can she prove her innocence?  This has has had great reviews, and came out at a time when many questions have been raised about texting and driving.It’s on my Christmas list, so I definitely think it should be on yours!

Image result for tea and chemo

Jackie’s other book, Tea and Chemo is also on my to read pile. According to the rave reviews this is an honest and moving account of her breast cancer treatment, and I know it has been extremely helpful to women going through treatment and their families and supporters. I have to confess that, having lost a dear friend and my mother to breast cancer, and knowing far too many women who’ve been through it, it still feels a bit too painful to pick this one up. But, I will one of these days, and  in the meantime I recommend it for anyone who is experiencing breast cancer first hand or supporting a loved one through it. And, Jackie, being Jackie, ALL the proceeds are going to cancer charities, so buying  a copy helps in more ways than one.

What are you waiting for? Put these on the list now!


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