Plug of the Month (2) Christmas books by Anne Booth

My dear friend Anne Booth is an enormously talented writer of children’s fiction, who has not one but THREE Christmas books out this December.  So here they are in no particular order:

  1. The Christmas Fairy, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw, published by Nosy Crow.

Clara is so excited that Christmas is coming, and eager to learn how to be a Christmas fairy. The trouble is, she is too excited; her noisy and fidgety behaviour means she won’t be able to do the job.But then Santa arrives, and it looks like she might be able to help after all.

This is a return to the dream team of Anne and Rosalind whose captivating rhymes and illustrations  made ‘The Fairiest Fairy’ such a delightful book. Once more, Anne shows us that it is OK to not quite fit in, because we each have special gifts to share.


2. Lucy’s Winter Rescue, illustrated by Sophie Williams, published by Oxford University Press.

The third in Anne’s popular ‘Lucy’ series, tells the story of how Lucy rescues a lost baby otter and with the help of her grandmother finds it a new home. Another warm and compassionate story with a strong environmental message at its heart.

3. Refuge, illustrated by Sam Usher, published by Nosy Crow.


Refuge is  an evocative retelling of the nativity story with beautiful illustrations from Sam Usher. Told from the perspective of the donkey, it frames the familiar tale as one of refugees, with Mary, Joseph forced to flee from Herod’s violence in order to protect their baby. Although, ostensibly, a book for children, this will appeal to people of all ages, as the combination of Anne’s words and Sam’s pictures, create a moving, and ultimately hopeful story which stays with you for a long time afterwards.

The first edition (which was produced for free,with everyone waiving their fees) raised £30,000 for War Child. This year £1 of every sale will go towards the same charity. So help a good cause and buy yourself a classic which, I guarantee, you will cherish for ever.


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