Plug of the month (1)- It’s A Wonderful Life by Julia Williams


It’s been a long while since I’ve done Plug of the Month and so I have a massive backlog. It being Christmas, I thought I’d catch up by doing them all in the next few weeks. So if you’re looking for great books to give the readers in your life, look no further…

So first up, is my gorgeous, talented twin, who celebrates her TENTH book in a decade with the publication of ‘It’s  A Wonderful Life’. As long term readers of this blog will be aware, that’s ten times as many books as I’ve  managed to complete in the same period, so I’m more than a little in awe.

And it’s a corker.

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ starts with the Christmas from hell, as Beth and Lou’s parents make an unexpected announcement at just the wrong moment. After that things go from bad to worse, as Beth’s chance encounter with a face from her past, leads her to wonder about the path she might have taken. Meanwhile, Lou struggles in the aftermath of a bad breakup as she wonders whether it will ever be possible to come out to her family. Whilst Beth’s husband Daniel is confronted with the father who abandoned him; will he ever be able to find forgiveness in his heart?

As always Julia writes with emotional honesty and warmth, as she leads her characters to realise that it really is a wonderful life, if they can only take a step back to see it.


 PS And in case you missed it, although ‘Echo Hall’ is fully funded, it is still possible to pledge… You could even come and have tea with us if you like!


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