Have I Got News for You…

If you’re a follower of this blog, you might have noticed it’s been quiet for rather a long time. Seven whole months according to my dashboard.

So why the silence? Where I have been? What have I been doing?

Working my little socks off to get ‘Echo Hall’ crowdfunded is the answer, a gargantuan task that has been every bit as obsessive and time consuming as writing the novel in the first place.  To get the word out there, I have done guest blog posts, put my characters on twitter, made short films, given talks and basically bombarded everyone I know asking them to help.

And I’m back because…

…HUGE drumroll…

…it worked…

…the book is fully funded!!!

I am still pinching myself, but it really is true. You can see for yourself here.

Thanks to the enormous generosity of friends, family and strangers, I can finally say, the novel is in production, and hopefully will be published sometime next year, thirteen years after I first thought about it. FINALLY, I am that person shrieking with delight on twitter. I’ll try not be too annoying about it.

So watch this space, because things are going to get a little bit exciting…




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