New Year, New Blog

Keen followers of my blog, if there are such people, might have noticed I have been very quiet for a while.

This is due to the fact that halfway through the year Blogger suddenly started playing up with formatting and all my posts got mangled. I’m pretty rubbish with technology so it’s put me off writing rather, and it has taken me months to work out how to deal with it.

In the end, the solution was simple – transfer the whole thing to Word Press. Which even an incompetent like me has been able to manage.

So here I am, and here we are, so welcome back!

Even before the blog-mangling, I haven’t been posting much, something that I intend to change in 2016.

I want to revisit some old favourites like Sublime Screenplay, reinvigorate Brilliant Bookshops & introduce Incredible Indies. In the meantime, I’ll be returning to the Mother/Daughter Bookswap and may even start Friday Flash again.

And…there will be some exciting news soon, which I am itching to share.

Watch this space…



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