Plug of the Month

I know a lot of writers (aren’t I lucky?) So whenever someone I know wins a prize, publishes a poem, has a book out, or has a publicity blitz, I’ll be letting you know.

I couldn’t start this without giving a huge plug for my lovely twin sister, Julia Williams. Julia is a member of the Romantic Novelist’s Association. She writes commercial romantic fiction for the Avon range at Harper Collins. She blogs regularly at Maniac Mum and you can also follow her on Twitter. Her first novel, “Pastures New” was published in December 2007 and did so well it made the Bookseller’s “Heatseekers” list (as a distinctly un-commercial writer I look on her sales figures with twinly envy).

Her second novel, “Strictly Love” was out in September 2008 in time for the launch of Strictly Come Dancing. “Strictly Love” follows the fortunes of Emily, Mark, Kate and Rob who meet during ball-room dancing lessons. As they learn to find their dancing feet, they have to grapple with their feelings for one another, and work out what it is they truly want from life. And for this month (and this month only) you can get it at a reduced price in the Sainsbury’s summer price blitz. So don’t forget to look out for it when you’re doing your weekly shop, and treat yourself to the perfect holiday read!

Coming soon… Joanna Clark’s sonnets in Rialto, Karen Annesen’s new poetry collection, Catherine Chanter up for the Asham Award, Julia Williams’ new novel…


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